The New Moon in Libra | How To Write New Moon Abundance Checks

New Moon in Libra

The New Moon in Libra | How To Write  New Moon Abundance Checks

New Moon in Libra


The New Moon in Libra


New Moon in Librais a  time to make new friends, repair and balance relationships and get a fresh start!


The New moon is considered a ‘window of opportunity” to focus on your Creation Intentions for this phase of the lunar cycle.


Perhaps take a moment to decide your focus for the month ahead…experience the Libra energy to support your both your dreams and your goals.


Libra New Moon


“The Libra new moon creates a wonderful window to bring forth balance in all your relationships. Your relationships include the people around you, your relationship to yourself, and also your relationship to the all the elemental realms. Relationships in the physical realm includes your body, your finances, your home, your car, your business, all the physical matter of your life.”
~ Lisa Michaels, astrologer


Choose the one or two ideas you determine are what you need most to work with. Next, focus on those ideas. New moon energy Intentions become most effective when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any given moon cycle.


Also from Lisa Michaels…

Personal Action Suggestions:

~ Show your appreciation for the friends and family in your life.
~ Create an event to entertain those you appreciate.
~ Balance your physical activity with time for rest and reflection.
~ Discover where you can find greater inner peace in balance or by taking the “middle way,” not too much or not too little of something.
~ Take time for your relationship with yourself and your connection to spirit.
~ Evaluate the places in your life where you need more balance and set the intention to achieve it.
~ Want to attract a mate or relationship?  Use the Libra new moon to energize your intention.
~ Connect with both your inner masculine and feminine to make sure both of their needs are being filled in life.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions:

~ Show appreciation for your clients and those you work with.
~ Find a way to listen to the opinions, needs, and wants of your customers.
~ Evaluate your relationship to your professional life, what messages of balance do you receive?
~ Expand your ability to communicate with others more effectively.
~ Accomplish writing and speaking projects.
~ Develop networking skills and find opportunities to use them.
~ Determine if you need to balance your personal needs with your professional needs more effectively.
~ Fine tune your target market or niche customer.


How to Write New Moon Abundance Checks


Have you ever written an Abundance Check?

How to Write an Abundance Check

Ritual for Manifesting

Writing an Abundance Check is a ritual for manifesting,
using the energy of the New Moon and other astrological influences.

How To Write A New Moon Abundance Check

Write your New Moon Abundance Check within 24 hours of the New Moon.

You don’t even need to believe that the check will work when you write it.

However, you may be amazed at the results of increased abundance in your life. It may not always be a financial result, but it will certainly be in an area that you need.

1.) Within 24 hours after a New Moon, use a check from your check book, or create a check on a blank piece of paper. Where it says “Pay to,” write out your name.

2.) Fill in the dollar amount with:”Paid in full.”

3.) Underneath your name, write out the dollar amount,”Paid in full.”

4.) Sign the check: “The Law of Abundance,” Under the signature line, write “Thank You.”

5.) Leave the date blank (or you may date it with a specific date that you “believe” this amount will come to you.)

6.) You can leave the the specific amount blank or use a dollar amount you are comfortable receiving… perhaps $500?(who wouldn’t welcome an extra $500 in the next couple of weeks?)

7.) Put the check in a safe place and forget about it. The Universe will take over from there.


Later (after 2 weeks or perhaps longer) you may burn (or tear up) the check on the upcoming full moon, expressing Gratitude for receiving this abundance in your life (while the check is burning/being torn up).


Many people are skeptical about trying this ritual until they do actually it.


After the first month of using the ritual, they realize the power of these checks and do them routinely every month!


Try it yourself and see what happens!


You will notice over time how your income increases, or other things come to you “out of the blue,” or you find a great deal, or an item you have been wanting is gifted to you. Abundance comes in many different forms.


Be open, willing and ALLOW!


Manifest Your Heart’s Desire.


Courtesy of my Entrepreneur at Home blog. ;-)




So, grab your checkbook, or a blank piece of paper…and write out your Abundance Check today!!


To your peace and prosperity,


~ The Metaphysical Therapist


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